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Registration is open throughout the year for Core Study packages and can be purchased from the ONLINE STORE


Course material consists of:

  • 30 Weeks (divided into 5 modules - 6 weeks per module) – self-study

  • 6 Assignments ( 1 after each module, 6th assignment - past papers)

  • No marking - memorandum provided (self-mark)

  • No Tutor Interaction

  • Limited additional international subject related material

Additional costs to you would include:

  • Textbooks (purchased separately – one per subject. Cost per textbook ranges from R150 – R1500 depending on the publishers, the subject and the level. Most are about R550. A direct link to these is provided by  to make for easy, correct and updated purchasing of such.

  • Any additional tutoring/facilitation over and above studies. The cost of this would depend on the individual private tutoring sought, the experience and qualifications of the tutor/facilitator. It is variable and can range from R100 – R450 per hours

  • Exam fees (Approximately R1800 to R2800, subject and level dependent, per exam subject)

Please purchase Comprehensive and Core Packages directly from the Online Store.

Once a payment has been made, and POP received please email: to complete the transaction by adding you to the necessary Google Classrooms.

Terms and Conditions

  1. There will be NO refunds as all intellectual property is immediately available via Google Classrooms.

  2. will not be responsible for the printing of any study material.

  3. Subject modules can be obtained from the relevant Google Classroom in PDF format.

  4. Assignments [x6 per subject] will be available on Google Classroom.

  5. For Select option: No worksheets or additional Google Classroom teaching and/or hangout sessions will be removed from the previous years, though some interaction that is relevant to a specific year (only) may be cleaned up at the start of each year.

  6. All work can be located, as per the topics lists, on the Google Classroom under the ‘stream section’ of each classroom.

  7. For Select option: Tutors will post at least x 2 Google Classroom note/task/document/teaching aid etc. per week. Thus, there will be a total of x 4 to 8 monthly classroom interactions. Some classes may have more interaction

  8. For Select option: Tutors will hold a hangout session weekly for the 30 week (12-month period)– thus there will a total of x30 hangout sessions of between 15 and 30 minutes every week. Each Google Classroom will thus have x 30 lessons.

  9. Additional private individual hangout sessions will be charged for by  @R150 per 30-minute hangout session. Please inform  should you require these from a tutor.

  10. Past Papers can be located on the about section of the Google Classroom (for certain package options)

  11. For Select and Comprehensive options: International Learner Guides can be located on the ‘about’ section of the Google Classroom

  12. Answers to textbook work, for selected subjects, can be located on the ‘about’ section of the Google Classroom, as is relevant for the three package options.

  13. For Select option: Interaction will take place via Google Classroom extensively. Individual student queries to specific subject/work related E-mail questions and queries to tutors will be posted on Google Classroom and answered for all the students to benefit from. Answers to private e-mails sent to tutors is at their goodwill and discretion.

  14. For Select Option: Students are encouraged to interact with tutors and other students on Google Classrooms

  15. A Levels must be written in 13 months of AS Level exams. AS and A Level fees are at a separate cost per level completed.

  16. Practical sessions are available via Sagan Centre in Olivedale. E-mail:  for more information on dates and costs.


With regard tutoring support duration:

  1. Registration takes place upon receiving the proof of payment. (Please send to

  2. Applicable text book details will be sent once registration has taken place.

  3. The 12 months tutoring starts when registration takes place, unless an alternate arrangement has been made with eduCLinED

  4. The 30 weeks/year start from the date you made the payment, unless otherwise specified over e-mail. For example, if registration takes place in May 2017, tutoring will expire in May 2018. Thereafter, tutoring can be requested for a further six months, or a year and eduCLinED will issue a renewal invoice.

  5. CIE exams: Please visit the The exam information page contains links to important information, exam details etc.

  6. The information and procedures for exam registrations will be updated, as the information is received from British Council, as applicable to each exam session.

  7. Afrikaans exams are only available in an Oct/Nov exam session. 


 **eduCLinED (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to alter and or amend prices and courses without prior notice.



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