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Refund Policy

  1. You have a right to an 80% refund, less an administration fee and less the registration fees, after five (5) working days provided you have not received a username and password on the Select Package exclusively

  2. You have a right to an 30% refund, less an administration fee and less the registration fee, after five (5) working days should you have received a username and password, and any/or all intellectual property on the Select Package exclusively.

  3. You have the right to credit subjects and suspend fees to a later time at the sole discretion of the Directors,

  4. No refunds and/or reimbursements will be considered for Comprehensive and Core packages as purchased off the Online Store.

  5. EduCLinED, also, has the right to cancel this contract at any time, for any reason, provided that it gives you five (5) working days’ notice, in writing, of its decision to terminate this contract.  On the first working day thereafter, all domain names and any other electronic information will be deleted in its entirety and you will be no longer be permitted to re-register with CL Education again for a period of two years.

What eduCLinED is; and what eduCLinED is not:


EduCLinED is:

  1. An successful International Education distance education provider  since 2009.

  2. An academic planning consultancy to private candidates.

  3. A GAFE approved ‘’school’’ (Google Apps for Education)

  4. Flexible, progressive and supportive of academic studies.

  5.  A platform that increases the learner control, opportunities for dialogue, and emphasises critical thinking skills.

EduCLinED is not:

  1. An online/virtual or open school with daily or weekly scheduled lessons intended to replicate the classroom model.

  2. A school at home.

  3. (Not) Synchronous: EduCLinED is asynchronous in that we do not provide affordances that allow for “real-time” interaction between student and tutor at any regular time or day. Asynchronous situations are both time and geographically insensitive and are not part of EduCLinED’s methods.



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